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Thailand can claim some of the finest hotel accommodation in the world. Indeed, some visitors come just to relax and enjoy the luxury of Bangkok's famous Oriental, often voted as the world's best hotel, or to play golf at any one of several country resorts.

In Bangkok you have a superb selection of hotels in all categories; some are opulent, many are luxurious, all are comfortable and everywhere you are greeted by gracious hospitality and attentive service. The Thais have a long tradition of extending a warm welcome to visitors and wherever you stay, in a large or small hotel, you'll appreciate smiling staff who care for your needs.

At nightWhile price is naturally one deciding factor in selecting your hotel, location is also a consideration and Bangkok's leading deluxe properties offer variety in their rooms with a view. For example, you may prefer a garden setting which provides a green oasis in the city, or you may want to position yourself in the heart of the business, shopping, and entertainment districts. Alternatively, you may like to stay at Bangkok's historic focal point on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

World-class hotels are not a monopoly of Bangkok and many fine properties are to be found in Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and a number of other beach and inland resorts.

Even off the beaten track, every town of moderate size or larger ahs at least one hotel offering first-class accommodation. Inexpensive but comfortable guesthouses are also widely available.

In the HotelLeading hotels in the main cities and resort provide far more than comfortable accommodation. Fine restaurants, with various culinary specialities, are noted features as are discotheques, cocktail lounges, and other entertainment facilities. For the travelling executive there are business centres with full office services and all modern international communication links. Sports facilities at most deluxe hotels include fitness centres and tennis courts in addition to swimming pools. Should you want to host a major international convention or simply a private party, that's no problem either.

Hotels in Thailand offer much more than just a comfortable night's rest and you'll experience standards of accommodation, service and convenience that you thought had vanished long ago.

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