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No other city in Asia rivals Bangkok for thrilling nightlife, and evening entertainment is both plentiful and inexpensive.

Most famous are the neon-lit bar districts which are both more fun and much safer than their counter-parts in other cities around the world. However, there is much more to Bangkok by night than just the glitter of pubs and bars.

The glitter of lasers and lights.

Especially popular are the cultural shows staged by various Thai restaurants. Here you'll find the perfect introduction to Thailand's highly stylized classical dance, accompanied by music played on traditional instruments. Dressed in gorgeous costumes, dancers perform the slow, graceful movements that make up the intricate language of classical Thai dance drama. Visually stunning, these shows are a must.

Also not to be missed is Muay Thai, a style of boxing unique to Thailand in which combatants use elbows, knees and bare feet as well as gloved fists. A martial art before it was a sport, Muay Thai has a long tradition and is still surrounded by much ritual.

The fights are commonly fierce and furious, though the best boxers display remarkable skills, as well as great fitness, and a good contest is decided by application of technique rather than brute force. Often as entertaining as the action in the ring is the reaction of the spectators who yell and shout encouragement to the boxers as the excitement mounts.

There are two boxing stadiums in Bangkok and between them they offer professional bouts virtually every night of the week.

For either pre-dinner aperitifs or late evening drinks, Bangkok boasts many sophisticated bars and cocktail lounges, some of the best being located in the top hotels. Here you can relax in pleasant surroundings and enjoy live musical entertainment by the best local and regional entertainers.

If you are looking forsomething a little more highbrow, you will not be disappointed. Although Bangkok does not have regular offerings of plays, operas or concerts, performances are nonetheless frequently staged by both local and overseas artists and companies. The Thailand Cultural Centre is the main venue, though leading hotels quite often host visiting artists and small theatre groups.

If it's action that you are looking for, Bangkok abounds with discos. Some are small and intimate others are enormous and crowded, but all spin the latest dance music using the most modern sound systems, laser lights, videos and all the other hi-tech equipment that makes today's disco less of a place and more of an experience.

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