Delicious Dining

A traditional Thai meal.

Dining is another world of
discovery with Thailand offering almost
endless possibilities for relishing exciting new tastes, rich in quality and choice.

Variety is the spice life. Thai cuisine, so delicious and varied in its piquant tastes, is a true gastronomic art. It presents an enormous range of dishes and a subtle blend of flavours. Creativity in cooking stems partly from the Thais' love of good food, and partly from the wealth of ingredients available. The country possesses an abundance of vegetables and fruit, herbs and spices, succulent seafood and fresh farm produce, and all are wonderfully used in the near unlimited recipes of the Thai culinary art.

Although Thais generally prefer hot, spicy food, not all dishes are equally fiery. Thai food is never bland, but it can be modulated to please most palates. Moreover, such are the richness and variety of ingredients and methods of preparation, that no matter how often you dine on Thai food, there is always some fresh, delicious discovery to be made.

Variety is the spice life.Where to eat is just as exciting as what to eat. Bangkok and other major tourist centres offer an incredible selection of dining places in all price price ranges. From kerbside foodstalls selling simple but good food, to smart, expensive restaurants, there is something to please everyone. Bangkok even boasts the world's largest garden restaurant.

In addition to Thai food, other cuisines, East and West, are readily available. Independent restaurants offer between them virtually every culinary style you can think of, while top hotels pride themselves on the high standards of their speciality restaurants where superb menus are matched by impeccable service.

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Delicious Dining

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