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Golf-a sport for young and old

T he opportunities for sport and recreation in Thailand are as diverse as the land itself. Thais take their fun seriously and believe it would be a dull world if it were all work and no play. Accordingly you'll find plenty of sporting options, both as participant and spectator.

ParachutingWatersports are perhaps Thailand's biggest attraction, with perfect conditions ensured by the combination of a tropical climate and some of the world's most stunning beaches and islands. At pattaya, Phuket, and other resort centres there are facilities for all sorts of activities to get you in, on, above, and below the water, from windsurfing to parasailing, from waterskiing to deep sea fishing. The fastest growing watersport, however, is scuba diving, and numerous spots around Thailand's extensive coast afford ideal conditions with gin-clear water and an abundance of marine life. Yachting is also becoming increasingly attractive, with facilities for both dinghy sailing and the chartering of larger yachts for cruising.

Don't worry if you've never done these things before. Expert tuition is available at the major resorts and in a week's stay you can, for example, gain a scuba diving proficiency certificate.

YachtingOn land, golf is the main attraction and there are numerous international-class courses open to visitors. Not only will the golfer appreciate some stiff challenges, he or she will also marvel at the magnificent settings of many of the links and the superb caddie services available.

If the wish is simply for a little exercise, most leading hotels in Bangkok and the main tourist centres hvae tennis courts, fitness centres and, quite often, squash courts.

Nor is the spectator neglected. Bangkok has two horse racing tracks and two boxing stadiums, while Pattaya has a motor-race circuit. Moreover, several little-known traditional sports, such as kite-flying and takraw, can be readily seen.

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