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The Songkarn Festival

          The Songkarn Festival celebrates the traditional thai New Year. It is observed all over the country.
          A part of the celebration is purely religious, marked by merit making ceremonies at the local temples. Another part is for social pleasure with water throwing parades and beauty contests.

Flower Festival

          The majestic flower festival in the North is noted for its rich variety of flowering plants.
          The temperate zone specimens are at their best during February, Spectacular floral floats are a memorable feature of this annual event.

Candle Festival

          The Candle Festival is another religious activity observed as the commencement of the Buddhist Lent also known as Phansa.
          This is a lovely festival that displays artistic skills as well as human piety. Beautiful carved beeswax candles are exhibited in colorful parades before being presented to local temples.
          At the festival, some candles stand several meters tall.

Loi Krathong

          The Loi Krathong Festival originated in Sukhothai.
          It is a memorable festival in the atmospheric ruins of the ancient city.
          Loi Krathong is a romantic event, where people will gather at rivers, ponds and lakes under full moonlight to float krathongs.

Rocket Festival

          In Thailand, this festival is called "Bangfai". For this annual event, villagers of the Northeast fashion rockets of all kinds, some of several meters long. The launching of which is believed to ensure plantiful rains in the coming rice-planting season. High- spirited revelry accompanies the event, with beautiful parades, folk dancing and stage shows.

River Kwai Bridge Festival

          The notorious death railway constructed during World War II is the focus of this popular bridge.
          This bridge on the River Kwai is one of the main attractions in this province. Highlights include a light and sound presentation, archaeological and historical exhibitions and rides vintage trains. {Click on the picture for close look}

The Royal Barges

          The Royal Barges were used on certain royal & government occasions. They also served as war vessel.
          The most beautiful and well known barge is the "Suphanahong" used only be the King.
          There was a spectacular royal barge procession during the Rattanakosin Bicentennial - Bangkok 200 years celebration.

Thai Boxing

          Thai boxing locally known as "Muay Thai" is both a sport and means of self-defence.
          Fighters are allowed to hit most parts of the body-feet, elbows, legs, knees and shoulders.
          The playing of Traditional music during bouts makes the excitement even greater.

Turf Club

          The Royal Turf Club of Thailand and the Royal Bangkok Sports Club are the two major horse racing and games clubs in Bangkok.
          The regular races are held every two weeks on Sunday usually from 12.30 to 6.00 p.m.

The National Theater

          The National Theater periodically stages performances like Thai classical dramas and other types of international arts.
          Special exhibitions & shows of Thai classical dancing and music are held on the last Friday and Saturday of the month.

The Cultural Center

          The Thailand Cultural Center was opened in December 1987. It was in part a way of celebrating the 60 th birthday of his Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
          The cultural center is an integrated venue for social, educational & cultural activities.

Chalerm Krung Theater

          Chalerm Krung Royal Theater is located on New Rd. near the old Siam Plaza. The popular Thai musical dance drama - Khon - is an annual event staged from November to March
          Typical Thai plays are performed during the rest of the year.

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