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Shopping Advice

  • Street-side stalls and markets are widespread throughout Bangkok. There are many local market areas in the city, such as Pratunam, Banglumpoo and Chatuchak (the week end market). Prices can be bargained down at these markets from between 10% and 40%.
  • To what extent you are able to negotiate the price of market-sold products down depends on your ability to access the situation and to use your bargaining power.
  • Thais admire polite people. Bargaining with broad smiles and congenial manners in return will ensure your greatest chance of bargaining the price of products far below its starting price. The seller may even give the product away.

The Art of Shopping

  • Don't use and agent. Bargain on your own.
  • Buy from market stalls and shops where other people are buying merchandise from.
  • Never buy from the first stall or shop you encounter. Wonder around and compare prices.
  • If you're not satisfied with the price or quality of products, don't be pressured into buying in it by the seller.

Lenso Phone Card

          Lenso Phone Card is an easy and economical way to call home, using for any international cardphones in Thailand.
          Call anywhere in the world via the international Lenso Card phone service. Lenso cards can be purchased at Thailand's major shopping centers and individual shops displaying the yellow international phone sign.


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