What's amazing?
Amazing Thailand was divided into 9 sessions by Tourism Authority of Thailand. To find out what is amazing in Thailand in this 2 years.
Amazing with your eyes
Amazing With Your Eyes

History of Thailand
Thailand means "land of the freedom", and throughout our 800-year history, Thailand can boast the distinction of being the only country in Southeast Asia never to have been colonized. Our country's history divides into five major periods.
Tourist to tourist guestbook
See and sign my guestbook. Here you can leave your message to other tourists to tell your experience in Thailand.
King of Thailand
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ninth monarch of the Royal Chakri Dynasty, was born on Monday 5th December, 1927, Cambridge, Massachusetts, son of Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Mahidol of Songkhla.
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Useful Information
Here are some useful Information for tourists by TAT.

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