"In the rivers there are fish, in the field there is rice." This phrase that appears on King Ramkhamhaeng' stone inscriptions describes the abundant, productive, farms and waterways of a country called Thailand -- an abundance that came about because of the many rivers that flow through the central plain of the Chao Phraya River basin. It is the most fertile part of the country, and is the source of the bulk of Thailand's food production, principally being rice.

Thailand is situated in the monsoon area, the annual rainfall is moderately high over the great part of the country. The climate of thailand is under the influence of monsoon-winds of seasonal character. Abundant rain occurs in August, September and October. To grow rice requires a huge volume of rainwater. Thailand is, thus, a rice-growing country and known as "Land of the Rice-Bowl". A traditional thai house is always built with high wooden posts to protect it from being flooded.

Thai life style instills a strong sense, of social harmony in which tact, compromise, and tolerance are essential. The father is regarded as the leader, but the mother also plays a significant role, particularly in the f amily finances.
Vegetables and fish were the basic staples, together with rice, which all social classes included as part of their daily diet.

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